Strength and Conditioning for Team Sports: Sport-Specific Physical Preparation for High Performance, second edition【楽天海外直送】【英語の本】【洋書】


Strength and Conditioning for Team Sports: Sport-Specific Physical Preparation for High Performance, second editionStrength and Conditioning for Team Sports is designed to help trainers and coaches to devise more effective high-performance training programs for team sports. This remains the only evidence-based study of sport-specific practice to focus on team sports and features all-new chapters covering neuromuscular training, injury prevention and specific injury risks for different team sports. Fully revised and updated throughout, the new edition also includes over two hundred new references from the current research literature. The book introduces the core science underpinning different facets of physical preparation, covering all aspects of training prescription and the key components of any degree-level strength and conditioning course, including: physiological and performance testing strength training metabolic conditioning power training agility and speed development training for core stability training periodisation training for injury prevention Bridging the traditional gap between sports science research and practice, each chapter features guidelines for evidence-based best practice as well as recommendations for approaches to physical preparation to meet the specific needs of team sports players. This new edition also includes an appendix that provides detailed examples of training programmes for a range of team sports. Fully illustrated throughout, it is essential reading for all serious students of strength and conditioning, and for any practitioner seeking to extend their professional practice.Dimensions: 17.4 x 1.8 x 24.6 centimetres (0.54 kg)チームスポーツの強みとコンディショニングは、トレーナーやコーチがチームスポーツのためのより効果的な高性能トレーニングプログラムを考案するのに役立つように設計されています。







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